wOndary browser button

Save travel inspiration from around the web in one click

Get your browser button to swiftly save that special blog post, social media inspiration or accommodation to any card of your wOndary itinerary.

Remember that great blog post that had the exact information you needed… but you could never find it again?
Ever got to a place and couldn't find that instagram shot you promised yourself to reproduce?
Searching endlessly for those instructions on how to get the keys to your accommodation?

Well no more excuses! 😉

Not using Chrome? Try the bookmarklet

Drag the following link and drop it into your browser's bookmarks bar: 📍wOndary
You can save any webpage to wOndary by simply clicking this 📍wOndary in your browser's bookmarks bar.

Note: You'll need to sign-in to your wOndary account when prompted.