No two trips are the same, and yet there are a lot of similarities when two travellers visit the same destination.

wOndary makes it easier for you to breeze through the boring stuff and to focus your planning time on what will make your trip truly unique.

We’re on a mission to empower travellers to explore boundaries.

We believe in travel over tourism. Travellers leave their destinations a better place than when they found it.

Travellers are curious, open-minded and adventurous. Being a traveller is a state of mind, not just a pastime. We want to empower YOU so YOU do more of what YOU love.

That’s why we strive to enable all Travellers to push:

  • Physical boundaries, by crossing them
  • Personal boundaries, by stepping into the unknown
  • Technological boundaries, by making it all possible

We want to be your first port of call when going away, whether it’s for a weekend or for a year.

wOndary takes all the hassle away from your trips so you can save the time and energy to focus on what you really care about: Dreaming about your trip, and finding content on what you really care about (NOT train timetables).

We want to make this process a way to strengthen existing friendships, and to forge new ones – planning should be a fun and meaningful social activity, not a bore!

We’re building a global, technologically powerful travel platform that serves the needs of travellers throughout their entire trip’s lifecycle.

So… why start with itineraries?

Travel is about discovery and new experiences, but getting lost is only fun when you really want to be! The planning tool helps you figure out the “right track” so you can… you got it, #getlostontherighttrack

We aim to build a Travel Tech platform. This takes time and it can’t happen without a strong and loyal community backing wOndary.
That’s where we are today: building our community of fellow travellers.

To provide our travellers with benefits from their first login, we're building a platform that addresses 3 of travellers’ woes from the lifecycle of their trips:

  1. The hassle of collecting recommendations
  2. The endless emails and messages spread across different platforms
  3. The important bookings and information scattered across the web