We’re on a mission to empower travellers to push boundaries.

Travellers are curious, open-minded and adventurous. Being a Traveller is a state of mind. We want to empower YOU so YOU do more of what YOU’re great at.

That’s why we strive to enable all Travellers to push:

  • physical boundaries, by crossing them
  • one’s personal boundaries, by stepping into the unknown
  • technology boundaries, to achieve all this

We want to become your reference when going away for a weekend or a year.

We believe in Travel v. Tourism.
Travellers leave the place in a better state than they found it.
We’re building a global tech-enabled travel platform serving the needs of travellers across their travels’ lifecycle.

So… why a planning tool?

Travel is about discovering and keeping your eyes open, but there’s nothing like a plan!
The planning tool helps you figure out the “right track” so you can… oh well, you got it ;) #getlostontherighttrack

We aim to build a Travel Tech platform. That takes time and won’t happen without a strong and loyal community backing wOndary.
So that’s where we are today: building that community of fellow Travellers.

And to provide our Travellers value from the 1st login, we built a tool that solves 3 of their current pain points:

  • the hassle of collecting recommendations: how many friends promised to write you a long, detailed email with their itinerary so you can use it to make their own plans?
  • plans saved in multiple places: you know, that draft email with all the links to the useful websites? What about that booking confirmation you can’t find in your inbox anymore?
  • messy chains of emails where everyone gets lost: the famous combo of a frustrated lead organizer not getting the answers (s)he needs, facing the silence of participants still trying to figure out where their input is/was needed

No two Trips are the same, and yet there are a lot of commonalities when two Travellers visit the same destination.

Our planning tool makes it easier for you to access these commonalities and to focus your planning time on what will make your Trip really unique.