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Achraf’s Trip to the Alpstein region

June 27, 2018 Facebook Page Twitter Page
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Hello Achraf!

Please, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Achraf and I am 29 years old. I am originally from Tunisia, currently based in Germany where I work as an Engineer in the Automotive Industry. I got the adventure-travel virus a few years ago and now I consider travel and nature as more than a hobby. they have actually become an addiction. I had the chance to visit many corners of the world from being part of the organizing team of Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil to Southeast Asia. I have a common lifestyle of working hard within the week and impatiently waiting for the next weekend to go into the wild and discover a new spot somewhere. I am in love with photography and I always like to share my travel and adventure journeys on my blog through posts and photos I take on the way.

How was your trip to the Swiss Alps?

As I live in Stuttgart, South of Germany, the Alps are only a couple of hours drive from my home. I got this last minute idea with my like-minded friends living in Nuremberg, Luxembourg and Bern to have an adventure weekend in the Alpstein region, Switzerland. I have been following posts about this beautiful place on Instagram and the stunning landscape there made the decision quite easy for us. Situated in the North East of Switzerland, Alpstein is usually well reachable with the car or the train. To get to the beautiful spots, put in mind that quite a long hike is needed, almost 20 kilometers and a total altitude gain of 1000 meters.

The region is breathtaking. Starting from the wonderful and tiny mountain hut “Schäfler” built on the edge of a Massif, through the curious wilderness that you cross on your way until you finally reach the Famous Alpstein with its sharp summits, you barely get bored on your way.

We found a nice camping spot by the end of the day and we were really lucky setting our tents just before a storm suddenly arrived.

In the morning, we had the great view on a big part of Germany with its Lake Constance and Switzerland with its green fields and cows. It was one of the most beautiful morning views I ever woke up on.

How long do you recommend friends go there for? What are your suggestions?

The region of Alpstein in itself doesn’t need more than 1-2 days to explore. However I would recommend staying longer and spend the nights hopping between mountains huts as it’s safer and more comfortable. Then you won’t have to carry your camping gear with you along the difficult hike.

Switzerland has one of the best landscapes I have ever seen. A road trip through the country is definitely worth it. Similar places like Grindelwald of Interlaken fully deserve spending a couple of days in each.

Is it hard to travel around the Alps? Switzerland in general? Any travel tips?

The Alps is a very beautiful and wild area, yet well connected with public transportation. Buses and trains almost reach every city and village. However I would recommend renting a car if you are a group of friends. Then you will spend less money on transportation and you will be faster and more flexible exploring the region.

If you are not a hiking-guru, put in mind that good stamina and patience are needed. Height-fear-free is also an important thing. Bring as well good hiking gear, from the shoes to the backpack as you will find nice spots around the way worth climbing ;-)

Don’t forget your raincoat, the weather in the Alps and mountains in general are really unpredictable.

Why did you choose this destination?

As I already mentioned before, I heard a lot about the beauty of Alpstein on Instagram from other adventurers, I then saved the place and have been waiting for the next opportunity to go explore it.

What inspires you to travel?

This cannot exactly be answered in one question. That’s why I wrote a whole post some weeks ago ☺ (check it here) but let me briefly tell how I think about it:
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. I have always had this inner-motivation of discovering new places, new grounds and try something fun and new.
Connecting with nature, with other cultures and other people makes me feel alive and helps me fuel some energy to face the real world of normal life with.
It also makes me happy to share with my friends and network how beautiful mother earth is. Life is not only about routine, it’s also about doing what you love to do. We don’t live twice.

What were your top three favorite things on this trip?

  • Witnessing sunset from above the clouds as we reached our camping spot
  • Having breakfast on a breathtaking view on 2 countries in the next morning
  • Reaching the most beautiful spot of Alpstein

Any scary or heart racing experiences during your trip?

Crossing the highest point of Alpstein while it is still covered in snow. We went there there in May and it was quite early for the snow to melt during that time of the year.

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Achraf!

Interested in learning more? Check out his itinerary on wOndary, his travel Blog and Instagram (@achrafaouadi)

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