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wOndary was founded by two passionate travellers. Claire came up with the idea during her own adventure. She started testing the concept while on a trip to Patagonia which she organised with a friend who (infuriatingly) lived in a different timezone. The project truly kicked off when she partnered with Achim. Achim was a software engineer in FinTech and was also working on a travel app. He joined the adventure, convinced that wOndary will make a difference!

Our long-term project is to provide you with personal insights from a unique and intrepid community. To give you recommendations that feel like friends’ tips and not questionable or irrelevant information from who knows where!

Being a traveller is not just about new experiences, it’s about growing as an individual, and we’re passionate about building a platform that can clear a path that will take you off the beaten track!

More about this in our Manifesto →

Claire Trachet, CEO

Claire loves to take the road less travelled by, and has recently been to Iran, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Israel and beyond.

She has a background originally in M&A and Acquisition Finance; after which she spent over a year consulting startups on various topics both professionally and pro-bono. Claire believes that the right mindset can make the world a better place, one traveller at a time. This is what drove her to create wOndary, to help empower people to travel and create meaningful connections.

Claire Trachet

Claire Trachet (Twitter) Claire Trachet

Achim Weimert, CTO

Achim studied and lived in China for 3 years, which led to quite a few of his own adventures! He most recently visited Ecuador.

His background is in software engineering, an early employee at GoCardless, he focused on front end web applications & APIs. Earlier, he spent over four years with SAP in Germany and China developing more web applications. Achim has built an open-source Android dictionary, using open-source tools and libraries. His app has been translated into over fifteen languages by hundreds of volunteers, it supports dictionaries for numerous lesser-known languages and has been installed over fifty thousand times on the Google Play Store.

Achim Weimert

Achim Weimert (Twitter) Achim Weimert

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